Best Detroit Streetwear Clothing Guide for 2021

Once famed for its manufacturing capabilities and Motown legends, Detroit has emerged as a rising star of the fashion world, providing an array of innovative streetwear brands for fans of comfy, easy-to-wear fashion, which looks incredible. If you’re on a mission to update your wardrobe, and you’re always on the lookout for new brands and up and coming labels, we’ve got you covered! We’ve scoured the shelves and virtual aisles to bring you the best Detroit streetwear clothing guide for 2021.


A brief introduction to Detroit streetwear

Streetwear has become incredibly popular in the last five years. In 2017, the industry was worth over $305 billion, and sales have continued to grow in line with demand for casual styles over the last three years! Celebrities and social media influencers are often spotted in streetwear, and laid-back styling is now a feature of catwalk shows across the globe. A survey conducted by Hypebeast revealed that over 50% of participants spent between $100 and $500 on streetwear every month.

When you think about fashion, it’s understandable for your mind to wander to the moonlit avenues of Paris or the exclusive boutiques that line London’s cobbled streets, but Detroit is up there with the most fashionable cities in the world! While high-profile brands are popular in the city, there’s also a broad spectrum of local designers making waves, and consumers are spoiled for choice when meandering through stores and pop-up shops. Detroit has established itself as a center for streetwear, and there are some extremely exciting brands turning heads and getting people talking.

Detroit streetwear offers something different to the casual outfits and must-have pieces you often see in fashion magazines and glossy advertising campaigns. There’s a gritty edge, an appreciation for the local area and its history and people, and an appetite for fun and uniqueness!

Where to look for the coolest streetwear in Detroit

If you’re lucky enough to live in Detroit, or you’re visiting for work, seeing friends or even taking a trip to indulge in retail therapy, it’s important to know where to go to find the hottest streetwear collections. Detroit has an abundance of riches when it comes to up and coming, underground brands, as well as established stores, which have already made a name for themselves. You can take inspiration from social accounts and local influencers, you can explore the city streets on foot to discover hidden gems and you can take these suggestions on board to draw up a shopping itinerary.

Here are some of the best places to find casual clobber in the Motor City:

Three Thirteen

Three Thirteen Clothing Store was founded by Clement Brown Junior. The name is inspired by Detroit’s area code, 313. The collection is a celebration of Detroit, and it includes a wide range of garments emblazoned with branded logos that champion the city. From varsity jackets, hats and hoodies to tees, sweats and the famous Detroit shirts 313, this store has got you covered.

Le’ Don Collection

Chi Uwazurike, also known as Le’ Don, is one of the most high-profile names in the Detroit fashion industry. Regularly spotted on celebrities and social media influencers, the infamous Booked and Busy collection is a celebration of contemporary styling designed to complement the fast-paced millennial lifestyle.


Fear!tself (fearitself. clothing) is a brand new label, which is set to shake up the streetwear scene with grunge-inspired, funky, graphic tees and printed logo tops. Launched in 2020 by Kenneth ‘W!zz’ Gwinn, the designs were inspired by the pandemic and the subsequent fallout, as countries all over the world faced lockdowns.

The name of the brand comes from the iconic Franklin D. Roosevelt quote, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

York Project

York Project is the brainchild of Josh York. The concept is based on social streetwear and it encourages shoppers and fashion fans to give back by making donations when they purchase pieces.

The York Project has made a name for itself based on the visual appeal and quality of the clothing, but also for the impact of the brand in helping the homeless and making a positive difference to the community.

Animated Collective

Animated Collective was established in 2017 by Ani Mayasandra. The brand was inspired by cultural interactions and the creativity of human beings, and the clothes are designed to empower their owners and enable individuals to feel confident and strong in their own skin. The collection is a riot of color and funky designs, with retro pieces and quirky accessories for sale!

The Wealthy Brand

Launched in 2016, The Wealthy Brand was founded by college friends, Rashad Hosea and Kuddles Hopkins. Originally known as ‘Mentally Wealthy,’ the name was changed, but the message remains the same. The aim was to encourage people to understand the importance of mental wellbeing and to strive for psychological enrichment.

One of the most famous Detroit shirt stores, The Wealthy Brand is known for its graphic tees and logo sweats, many of which have been spotted on stars of the music and entertainment world and social influencers. The branded ‘Wealthy’ t-shirts are available in an array of colors, and customers can also buy hoodies and socks.



Detroit is the place to be if you love streetwear and you’re shopping for new additions to your wardrobe. If you’re on the lookout for the hottest new brands and places to go when you’re visiting Detroit or checking out online stores, hopefully, this guide will point you in the right direction.

From logo hoodies and slogan tees to caps, tracksuits and iconic Detroit shirts, your next shopping trip will not disappoint!